Nordic Chamber Jazz meets Argentine Tango


Join us for a very special concert


at WABE Berlin, Dec 1, 2017, 20h


together with special guests “Tango Forge” (Argentine Tango)



Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin


Tickets: www.wabe-berlin.info





New album “Abisko Lights” out now



Mixing & Mastering by Wolfgang Schiefermair/Teldec Studio Berlin

Published by Unit Records, Switzerland/Harmonia Mundi

Cover Art & Design by Marie Geissler

Photography by Dovile Sermokas

Produced by Abisko Lights





ABISKO LIGHTS – Album review by Dave Sumner (Bird is the Worm)


“There’s really no sense breaking this album down for you.  This is a gorgeous recording, and there’s not a whole hell of lot more to say about it.  The self-titled album from Abisko Lights dishes out a series of melodic visions, possessing form and substance, and yet also an ephemeral quality that allows them to change shape or just drift peacefully away.  Serene.  That would be a good word to use when talking about this album.  So would captivating.  And considering the band’s name refers to the Aurora Borealis and the prime viewing spot, Sweden’s Abisko National Park, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise the music sounds as it does.
Of particular interest is the pairing of bass clarinet and cello.  Though both instruments bring a deep resonance, their effect on the melody can be vastly different from one another.  But on Abisko Lights, they live in unity throughout, each acting as the other’s shadow when the spotlight of a solo is on their counterpart.  The use of double bass on this session strikes a middle ground between the two, and often serves more of a melodic role than a rhythmic one.  This, perhaps, more than any other element is key to this album’s success by providing nuance to thick beams of melody and a little something different from a percussive standpoint.  Drums and piano fill out the quintet, and the former’s restrained chatter and the latter’s ornamental flair round things out nicely.
A beautiful album.  It’d make a nice listen first thing in the morning while the sun’s rising, but I’d also suggest giving it a test run on a moody, rainy day.”






Abisko Lights: Benjamin Wellenbeck (drums), Hannes Daerr (bassclarinet), Tabea Schrenk (cello), Dirk Flatau (piano), Niklas Lukassen (double bass)



 Abisko is a small village in Swedish Lapland, 195 km north of the polar circle, known for its clear skies. If you take a trip to Abisko in wintertime, you get a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights blazing across the Arctic sky.” (Abisko Tourist-Info)




More info:

Abisko Lights



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Tante Betty Bar/Nürnberg, Sept 12, 2017

photo by Gottfried Tröbs





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